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As Hospitality “Lifers”, we have always had a passion for 
giving back to our community.

Starting from our roots of serving the less fortunate in DC, to our ongoing volunteer initiatives, ‘Small Batch Community’ represents our commitment to making a difference. Through ‘Nourishing Our Neighbors,’ we strive to give back in diverse and impactful ways, fostering a stronger community.

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What We Do

Small Batch Community, an offspring of our Hospitality Consulting firm Small Batch Concepts, was created with the goal of supporting worthwhile community endeavors that will positively enhance the lives of our neighbors!

The SB Community team is committed to making positive social and economic impacts on the communities we serve.  We believe it is our responsibility to “nourish our neighbors”, both literally and figuratively. Our efforts will focus on serving those in crisis and those who are somehow falling through the cracks in our system.

By utilizing our decades of professional experience in the hospitality world, we vow to share our resources to offer professional mentoring, culinary training initiatives and hands on support to other social enterprise ventures that share our vision to empower and strengthen our communities.

Serving Our Community

As emerging entrepreneurs, our drive to connect and foster community was the catalyst for our ventures in the hospitality industry. With Small Batch Community, our goal is to extend our commitment to serving others by engaging and supporting our neighbors.

We collaborate with various initiatives focusing on critical community issues such as food insecurity, housing, healthcare, and education. Through partnerships with exemplary non-profits, our team provides hands-on and financial support, leveraging our hospitality expertise and connections.

We’re proud to have dedicated our time, knowledge, and resources to organizations including DC Central Kitchen, Metro Caring of Denver, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Maryland, Didlake, Special Olympics, and Habitat for Humanity, to name just a few.

How Can We Help?

If you are a neighbor looking to join our community efforts, please reach out to

If you are a neighborhood non-profit that might benefit from our support, please reach out to

Faces Behind Small Batch Community

Led by two passionate professionals and supported by a cast of talented hospitality “lifers”, the SBC team stands ready to tackle any business challenge you are facing. With decades of experience in all facets of the industry no project is too small or large for us to tackle.

Howard Foer

Howard Foer, Owner of Small Batch Concepts

Before founding Small Batch Concepts, Howard forged an extensive entrepreneurial path within the hospitality industry.

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Lauren Foer

Lauren Foer, Owner of Small Batch Concepts

Lauren was bitten by the hospitality bug while working at a high-end catering company during her undergrad years at Georgetown University.

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Get Involved

To further support our efforts, the Small Batch team is inviting other local professionals to join our Advisory Board. If you have expertise in any of the following areas and want to join our team of “do gooders”, please reach out to

Legal, Financial, Technology, Communications, Fundraising, Community Partnerships, Health and Wellness

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Get Support

If you are a neighborhood non profit that might benefit from our support, please reach out to and share your story with us.

Email Lauren

Give Support

If you want to join our kindness army, and lend your expertise, energy and heart to help us help others, please reach out to

Email Howard